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Browse our resources to learn about global age-friendly initiatives.


World Health Organisation | Age-friendly World. A site that lives through the active contributions of all members and affiliated programmes of the Global Network. The mission is to support the creation of a more age-friendly world: a global ambition with a focus on local action by hundreds of cities and communities around the world.

World Health Organisation | Global network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities. A network established to foster the exchange of experience and mutual learning between cities and communities worldwide.

Clarence City Council | Age-friendly City. The Age-friendly City title recognises Clarence’s efforts over the last 10 years to involve and cater for older residents.

Clarence City Council | Positive Ageing. Links to resources for seniors including Leisure & Lifestyle, Learning, Social Dining, Transport, and more.

Warane Mornington Neighbourhood Centre | aWake Before Death. The aim of ABD is to engage people of all ages in Clarence in the promotion and education of end-of-life planning, through the use of stories, music and the arts, to help build knowledge, awareness and capacity across the community in a sustainable way.


Spotlight on Seniors | This newsletter is the initiative of Council’s Positive Ageing Advisory Committee (CPAAC). Spotlight will be distributed every 2 months (6 times a year) and aims to:

  • Help provide some key information about services, facilities and events in Clarence
  • Convey positive messages and celebrate the achievements of older people
  • Provide an opportunity for older people to give their advice and ideas on issues that are important locally

Get Going Guide

A handy resource produced every second year. The Guide is divided into 5 sections:

  • A showcase of Council’s resources and facilities—Clarence City Council in Action!—catering to the needs of older people in Clarence
  • A section listing lifestyle living options for the City (lifestyle village and residential accommodation options)
  • A section listing transport options for the City
  • An Activities and Contacts section with 5 key themes areas: Get Creative, Get Healthy, Get Learning, Get Meeting and Greeting and Get to work Outdoors
  • A handy see-at-a-glance by suburb section listing activities by local suburbs

Age Friendly Clarence Plan 2018–2022 | Council endorsed the Age Friendly Clarence Plan on the 18 June 2018.


The plan presents how council will provide leadership in partnership with older people as a valuable resource, to plan for and provide services, programs, facilities and information, in a way that supports the importance of a life course approach to ageing that is strategic, realistic, and represents good use of available resources.

Positive Ageing Plan 2012–2016 | The purpose of the Positive Ageing Plan is to provide sustainable strategic direction for Council to meet the needs of its residents through effective use of its resources and by working with others.

Positive Ageing Plan 2007–2011 | The purpose of the Positive Ageing Plan is to provide sustainable strategic direction for Council to meet the needs of its residents through the effective use of its resources and by working with others.

Positive Ageing Clarence Brochure | A brochure that explains how Clarence City Council is redefining what age-friendly really means.

The Planting Ahead Guide | ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ has been produced by Clarence City Council’s Clarence Community Volunteer Service (CCVS) and Clarence Positive Ageing Advisory Committee (CPAAC) to help you ‘plant ahead’ for the future.  The guide provides information on some simple changes to help transform gardens into more easy care low maintenance and water wise gardens.

Social Media

Facebook Page | COTA Liveable Communities. Liveable Communities support people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances to safely and respectfully participate in community life the way they want. Liveable Communities benefit everyone! Communities that are healthy, safe, supportive, inclusive and accessible are good for businesses, community services, healthcare services, government and every person in that community.

Facebook Group | Australian Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.  A forum for Australian government and community workers to share ideas and advice on making their communities more age-friendly.

Clarence – an age friendly city and community. Years ahead.